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Barisal Division

Barisal City
Gutia Mosque

Dhaka Division


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There is present two languages Bangla and english. If you prefer Bangla language Click here.

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Gutia Mosque:
It's a new exampled place in Bangladesh situated in Barisal district. there are a lot of visiting place but its look like fantustic. In night it spreads his beauty more. Please travel in Bangladesh and enjoy this place. Its area is so large and it has gain heavy popularity within a very short time.

barisal city

Way: If you start journey from Barisal Bus Stand you will take a ticket for this destination. The bus helper must help you if you need. Just spend maximum 30-40 minutes in bus. Next you can see a large dom just a sign of Gutia Mosque.

Builder: Sorfuddin Santu Santu is a rich man who build this and he also gain popularity after builiding this charming place. A lot of people also thanks him for making this place.



Attractions: There has been gather a lot of islamic historical places soil. A big pond and mango tree present here. If you want to buy mango or others tree plant that you can. But you don't touch anything without the permision. A heliport is also present anybody can land here by helicopter. Special site also present for women prayer. Its a aback news for everybody tha though we can see a lighting moment in above photo but electricity is not present. It's maintained only by genarator.




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