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Barisal Division

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Gutia Mosque

Dhaka Division


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Kuakata is one of the rarest places, which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of Bay of Bangle. Its a charmful place in Barisal Divition. Its locally known as Sagor Kanna ( Daughter of see ). Somebody think that why that place named is Kuakata ? When i have visited that place I have seen there is two Kua (which english is hole) present there. Long years ago it was used for pure water. May be it was named from kua to Kuakata.


Area:It is almost 100 km from Barisal Division and almost 320 km from Dhaka. Minimum 15 km is the total area of sea-beach. But the road condition is not so good. As its a traveling place government should proper steps to recover every problem.


Attractive places:This is one of the uncommon place in this world. Kuakata sea beach is popular for the scean of sun rise and sun set. you can sea this two item standby one place in kuakata sea-beach. lokal name ( jau bon, Rakhain market, Rakhain parra, Sutki market Fatrar char etc) are the popular place in Kuakata for traveling.You will find an excellent combination of natural beauty, sandy beach, blue sky and evergreen forest. The coconut trees of the seashore create unforgettable scenery ! Here you will find the statue of Goutom Buddha and two wells of 200 years old at the Buddshist template. Adventurous people go for fishing on the fishing boat with the local fisherman.


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