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Barisal Division

Barisal City
Gutia Mosque

Dhaka Division


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There is present two languages Bangla and english. If you prefer Bangla language Click here.

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Barisal City:

What a charming place! it is situated in the south-west part at Bangladesh. Its area is 13297 sq.Kilomiter and Its population is 8.11 millions. Six districts and 22 municipalities included in Barisal division. A lot of Canals and river present here. If you come here in Barisal city you can visible this.

barisal city

In Barisal City you can go Cadyci (River side of Kirtonkhola), Planet World, Lunch Terminal etc.If you go l lunch terminal you can see the Largest lunch in Bangladesh. Beside this city If you go you can visit Durga sagor where is stay a largest lake.

This is the only one place in Barisal city where a lot of guest Birds comes and stay 3 months here in winter season. Gutia Mosque another traveling place which is situated in front of Durga Sagor. Most popular people in Bangladesh named Ser-e-Bangla whose house was present here. So its short math that if you go there you can visit 3 attractive place.


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