one domain and web space at low cost

one domain and web space at low cost

one domain and web space at low cost

What is domain and hosting?

Do you know about domain? One domain and web space is so important to open a website. It's only a name or URL which we use into internet to visit a site. Every domain name is not perfect for you though the decision is yours. Before buying your domain target have to clear. If you use it for your corporation its may be anything. But as a blogger, from where may expect to earn, you must think about the keyword. To check the domain for you click here.

Besides hosting is a space or place only where you upload your site. When a visitor call to your site it will come form your special place that means hosting. Before buying a domain-hosting package you must understand that which will be better for you? Who will give you the best support? and qualify the server speed ......

There are a lot of domain hosting conpany who are known as cheap web hosting provider. if you want to open a website you have to have one domain and a web space. So Many of Website hosting company sell different type of domain and hosting packages based on their subscriber. See our doamin hosting packages for Bangladesh.


See the Hosted Doamin in our server:

>>>>>and many more >>>>>>>

See Our Domain-Hosting Packges for Bangladesh:

Domain-hosting low price package offering


Package: 1
Hosting--------50 MB
Sub domain---1
Email -------- 2

1,500 tk.

Package: 2
Hosting-------100 MB
Bandwith-----1 GB
Sub domain---2
Email -------- 5

1,800 tk.

Package: 3
Hosting-------200 MB
Sub domain--5
Email -------10

2,000 tk.

Package: 4
Hosting-------500 MB
Bandwith-----7.5 GB
Sub domain---10
Email --------20

2,500 tk.

Package: 5
Hosting-------1 GB
Bandwith-----15 GB
Sub domain---30
Email -------- 20

3,200 tk.

Domain-hosting low price package offering


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