How to create successful Google Adsense account

Many people build a website or blog with dreams of creating huge amounts of Adsense revenue. But its not an easy task for everybody because a lot of people don't know that how to create a successful Google adsense account. There are a lot of adsense program but Google adsense is the best of them. That is proved every time and every situation. Now I want to describe about Google adsense account.


Carefully follow some instraction:

1. Decorate your web site nicely and gather a lot of content.

2. Don't empty any page.

3. Try to gather a lots domain content.

4. Can take some attempt to increase visitor.


Now we ready to create an account in Google adsense:

1. First make a Google email address ( If  you have any don't need )

2. Go to the address

3. Click to Sign up button

4. Fill all the item ( give the name and address to the same of your bank account and agree with the every condition, then Submit )

5. 2nd form fill with the answer of  two questions.

6. Now wait for review that form maximum 24 hours.

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See the page rank below


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