Use Alertpay but why:

Alertpay is one of the easy supported system for money transferring any where in the world. We already heard the name of Paypal, another money transferring policy and its a easy and more reliable company. It's true but this is the sad news for us that Bangladesh don't support this system. It's a bar for us every time that a freelancer must need a well and easy system for money transfering.

Alertpay can pay you by check. This is the main advantages from Paypal. Beside this you can earn money from Alertpay by using your refer. There is a condition that 250 dollar must transaction for that referral and you get 10 dollar. I thing its not an easy work because we can chat one another every time. So if we send this refer id or link for the foreign friend he can transaction any time and  I can  get 10 dollars.

Another method that was must use Alertpay for our Ptc or other transaction. So there isn't any waste of your time. I believe if we try we can gain.

The system below to Open an Alertpay account:

1. First you click the link below to open an account

how to open alertpay account

2. Now Click above the Personal account.

how to open alertpay account

3. Next, Personal account pro and click sign up now.

how to open alertpay account

4.Select the check box Personal pro and Next.

how to open alertpay account

5. Fill the above form properly and click Next button.

how to open alertpay account

6. Give your Email address and other information properly and click register.

how to open alertpay account

7. A verification massage have been send your Email. Check your email and click the link.

how to open alertpay account

8. Now give your password here and sign in if you can enter your registration is complete.

how to open alertpay account


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