Microworkers payment proof, Scam or legit review, and alternative or similar site name
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Everybody knows that microworkers.com is not a scam site today. Here I want to say that itís a legit site also. Because I have made some balance here from micro work and gotten paid in due time. Tow times I have gotten Microworkers payment proof. I withdraw my balance via alertpay.com. Itís also a reliable site for withdraw money from different money making website. You must accumulate only $9 for trying to see the payment proof. In microworkers FAQ option authority also said that they reduce the charge 6.5% for every time withdraws. You can withdraw money from here when your total amount would be after $10 for withdrawing $9. Payments are sent via PayPal, Moneybookers or Alertpay. You decide first that what will be better for you. Every time we must give the right name and location because of only one account I can permit here.

Microworkers guideline mention below for your awareness.....

All our members must provide their Full name and current mailing address. The reason is that we will send a PIN number to every worker - PIN is sent to HOME address (not to email address). Workers will not be able to withdraw money until they receive a PIN number and enter it into the system. This means that all workers are VERIFIED and cannot create multiple accounts. PIN numbers will arrive in 5-25 days depending on your location.

Are there any alternative or similar site?

Actually I know that there is present another site like microworkers but they are not popular. Minuteworkers, Shorttask, Myeasytask etc is the live example for alternative or similar site. You can try from here. Is it legit or scam? I donít know really. But I have gotten paid from microworkers.com. So I strongly said that microworkers is the best site for micro job. See the microworkers payment proof at a glance.

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