Earn from PTC site named 'palmbux'

There is a lots of ptc site but maximum site is fack. Its important that without any experience we can't identify the fack site. Now we will describe a believable site named palm bux. This is the advantage of you that its pay you after only $2 dollar earning. So its easy for you and you can check this site after a little risk. Try it to get the earning from online.

If you want to attend here and want to earn you have to an alertpay pay account for paying your earning. Actually its just like a bank. If  you want to open an account see the alertpay topics.Or if you have an alertpay account no need to open new account.

How to open an palmbux account:

1. To enter palmbux registration click below.


2. Fill the form properly just you can follow the picture below.

about palmbux

3. Your User name and password will be send to your mail. So check your mail and gent name, password.

How will you work after registration:

1. login by user name and password.

about palmbux

2. First you have to see the account page after login.

3. Click 'View ads' to see the ads and you can see the page just like below.

about palmbux

4. Red and cross sign is your ads. So click the ads. you can see like below and again click the red circle.

about palmbux

5. After opening new page wait sometimes you can see like below photo.

about palmbux

6. Now click the latter from right site which is common with left.

7. Again wait for the gaining account preview. Then, close the page and see the next ads sam process. At last go to the account page to see your update balance and logout lastly.

A man can tell that its really a slow process for earnig but no matter if your refer amount is well you can gain a good ammount. So try to build up refer by spreading the refer of you.


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