How to Use Google adsense ads:

Every man who knows that a man can earn from internet, first time he may get some interest to hear that news. but every time it’s not interesting for you. Because there is some real website or some real tips for money making but a lot of site is up to doubt. We have tried to arrange some ideas that how can you make money from internet really. There is present google adsense, some product selling market and others. Besides this there is ptc site that means paid to click. It’s an easy work but there is a great risk for you that many times it may be fake.

But you must try to identify which will be the best for you, from where you can make money. I want to tell you some real ideas for that. You can follow it for making money really. I believe that if you follow this, you must earn from online.

First I want to say that google is the sure earning system for you because now google is one of the reputable companies in online money making at the world. If you have a website or blog and its subject is really useful for mankind that means every man have some interest about to know that subject. You can use google ads for that site. If you have some interest about this you can follow the link in this web site that helps you to open an google adsense account and make money from online.

Google give you online adsense money by check when your account will be above $100 dollar. But it won't be a hard work if your visitor amount is high. So you can follow google adsense as a real earning from publishing the ads by google.

Now I describe the uses of ads or how can I get the ads

1. Go to the address

2. Login with your registered address which you have already gotten

google adsense

3. Click to the adsense setup button 

google adsense

4. there are different type of ads you can choice 'adsense for content' first.

google adsense

5. Select ad unit text and image

google adsense

6. Now you can modify the size and color from  here.

google adsense

7. Next set the channel or not just click continue.

8. Click submit and get code.

google adsense

9. here you will see some codes. Now just copy this and paste where you want to display ads in your web site.

instantly or after some times you can see the ads in your site.


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