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Expert Computing Short Syllabus

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  •  Computer Basic

  •   Windows Basic

  •   Ms Word

  •   Photoshop Basic

  •   Internet Basic

  •   Outsourcing Basic

  •   Ms Excle

  •   Ms Power Point

  •   Ms Access

  •   Computer Hardware

  •   Networking

Course Curriculum ​

Class : 1
Fundamental of Computer, Computer Hardware (Theory Basic), Input
Output Device, Operating System, Pc Configuration Find Out, Drive, C
Drive Details, Minimize, Maximize, Close
Class : 2
Folder Create, Resume, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Recycle Bin, Folder
Restore, File Path/Location
Class : 3
Keyboard Introducing, Typing Practice With Actual Fingers, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Screen Snapshot, Pc Speed Optimization (Tree, Temp,
Class : 4
Water Pollution Article Writing
Class : 5
Cut, Copy, Paste (3 Ways) Font Section (Bold, Italic, Underline, Font,
Color, Size, Superscript, Subscript, Highlight, Case)
Class : 6
Paragraph Section (Alignment, Bullets, Numbering, Line Spacing,
Indent, Test Border, Sort), Find, Replace, Go to
Class : 7
Add Picture with Format Ribon Details
Class : 8
Clipart, Shape, Shape Group
Class: 9
Smart Art, Chart (Column for Remittance, Bar in 100%, Cricket Run
Rate with Line)
Class : 10
Table, Row, Column, Add, Delete, Test, Align, Row, Column, Merge,
Table Delete,
Class :11
Header And Footer, Page Numbering, Watermark, Word Count,
Symbol, Mail Merge, Drop cap, Cover Page, Hyperlink, Word Art,
Class : 12
Macros, Equation, Auto Save, Ruler, Page Border,
Class :13
Password Protect, Page Setup and Print, Bangla typing practice with
Class : 14
Bangla article writing
Class : 15
MCQ Exam and CV Making in English Project
Class: 16
Photoshop Basic , Menubar and Tools, New file, Crop, File saving
format(.psd, .jpeg, .png, gif, .pdf)
Class : 17
Patch, Colon Stamp, Spot Remove
Class : 18
Path Making with Pen Tool
Class : 19
Eraser, Magic Eraser, Background Remove, Passport Size Image,

Class : 20
Email Create, Login-Logout, Password Change, Forget Password,
Compose, cc, Bcc, File Attachment, Drive or Link attachment, Text
Decoration and Send
Class : 21
Inbox Check, Send List Check, Draft Mail check, Spam, Label using
tips, Email Transfer from one place to another
Class : 22
Zoom Meting
Class : 23
Facebook Introducing, Account Creates, Password Change, Forget
Password, Profile Settings
Class : 24
Facebook post with text decoration, Facebook page opening, page
settings, Page Role Settings
Class : 25
Google search and download
Class : 26
Online form Fill-up, PDF to Word, Data Collection and Entry
Class : 27
Freelancing and outsourcing basic, fiverr, upwork and freelancer visit ,
Fiver account create and Profile Settings
Class : 29
MS Word, Social media and path related gig analysis
Class : 30

Meta tag analysis, Gig writing, Thumbnail Create, Gig post
Class : 31
nd Gig post
Class : 31
Gig marketing tip and buyer handling
Class : 32
Ms Excel Introduction, New workbook, Default sheet, Ribbon
discussion, Sheet rename, Sheet insert, Hide, Delete, Cell number count,
Row Column width height, Data entry for 10 students, File save (xlsx,
csv, pdf)
Class : 33
Data cut, copy & paste, Font alignment, Wrap, font, Merge, Number
Class : 34
Plus, minus, multiply, divide, sum, modulus, Percent, Count, Minimum,
Class : 35
Row column Insert, Freeze pan, Sorting, Find and Replace, Filtering,
conditional formatting, Table Format
Class : 36
PDF to Excel, Some Short Tips for Excel (Serial, Date, Only Value
Paste, First or Last Character from A word)
Class : 37
Salary Sheet with if condition, AND, OR Condition
Class : 38

Electric bill
Class : 39
Result sheet
Class : 40
MS PowerPoint, Introduction of MS PowerPoint, new file and ribbon
discussion, basic project with 3 slides, transition
Class : 41
Text, image, Shape and Animation
Class : 42
Chart, Audio, Video and Final Project
Class : 43
MS Access, Fundamental of my access, new datasheet, saving method,
table new table, rename and save, design view, datasheet view, Colum
name and data type selection
Class : 44
New Colum in Datasheet, Delete Column, Form Design and Data Entry,
Report Making
Class : 45
Query and Relation
Class : 46
Computer Assembly
Class: 47
Windows Setup
Class: 48

Cat 6 Wire Cutting and RJ45 Connector Setup, Router Password
Change, File Shareing With Lan Messanger

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