Graphic Design​

Graphic Design Short Syllabus

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  •   Photoshop

  •   Illustrator

  •   3D Design 

  •   GIF Animation 

Course Curriculum ​


Class: 1Interface Basic, Color Concept Vector and Raster Image, New File setup, Canvas Dimension Check and Update, Window Menu Details, Tools Basics, Use of Selection and Paint Bucket Tool, Some Keyboard Shortcuts

Class: 2Layer, Move tool, Type tool, and Paint Bucket Project

Class: 3Use of Eraser & Magic Eraser

Class: 4Pen tool (Every day 1 Clipping Path Practice)

Class: 5Custom shape-making, edit, and Image Cutting, Transform Selection

Class: 6Gradient background, Patch tool, and Colon stamp tool

Class: 7Effect Project (5)

Class: 8Background remove, Photo Manipulation

Class: 9Layer Style (Bevel and emboss, Shadow Project)

Class: 10Brush Project Detail

Class: 11Layer Masking, Photo Retouching,

Class: 12Multi clipping path

Class: 133D Graphics

Class: 14GIF animation Part-1

Class: 15GIF animation Part-2

Class: 16Grid Maintenance, Sizing for Printing Media, Forma settings, Back to Back Print


Professional Project Practice

Class: 17Passport and Stamp size Image Making, Background Remove

Class: 18Clipping Path

Class: 18Image Retouching

Class: 19FB Cover Photo, Social Media Ads Making

Class: 20Business Card Design

Class: 21Book Cover Design

Class: 22Photoshop Extra project from the New version



Class: 23Freelancing and Outsourcing basic, Fiverr, UpWork and Freelancer visit, Fiver account creation, and Profile Settings.

Class: 24MS Word, Social media, and Path related gig analysi


Class: 25 Meta tag analysis, Gig writing, Thumbnail Create, Gig post

Class: 26 2nd Gig post

Class: 27 Gig marketing tip and buyer handling



Class: 28 Basics of Illustrator, New File setup, Window Menu Details, Tools Introducing

Class: 29 Selection tool and Shape Making tool

Class: 30 Pen Tool Practice

Class: 31 Use of Lasso Tool

Class: 32 Shape Rotate projects

Class: 33 Transform and Scale Project

Class: 34 Perspective Grid Tool

Class: 35 Use of Scale Tool

Class: 36 Use of Mesh Tool & Blend Tool

Class: 37 Brush and Pencil Project

Class: 38 Use of Symbol Spray Tool

Class: 39 Eye Dropper and Gradient Tool


Professional Project Practice

Class: 40 Logo Design

Class: 41 Banner Design Part-1

Class: 42 Banner Design Part-2

Class: 43Business Card Design


Class: 44Book Cover Designs

Class: 45 Flyer Design, Brochure Design

Class: 46 Calendar Design

Class: 47 T-shirt Design

Class: 48  Typography, Nameplate design

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