Diagnostic Management System

What is Diagnostic Center Management?

Maintaining a Diagnostic center with different sorts of activities like sample collection, report delivery, agents commission, collection of amount etc. and maintianing all those manually are gradulally become a daunting task for the diagnostic centers. Keeping this in mind Next Barisal comes up with an user freindly system to manage the operations of any Diagnostic Centers, Nursing Homes at ease.

The Diagnostic Center Management System is an integrated, modular client server system carrying out investigations, investigation reports and other diagnostic center related activities. Diagnostic Management System is one stop solution for managing all appointments and reports of laboratory in proper and methodical manner. It is a unique medical laboratory software which helps in creating smart reports of Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Cilture / Sensitivity, Radiology, Sonography etc. It not only print attractive reports but also keep track of various activities like sample collection, agent commissioning etc.

Benefits Of Using Diagnostic Center Management Software

  1. This software will create reports automatically.
  2. It will help you to create a provision to multiple reports for different patients.
  3. Test result control with value, range, and age.
  4. Control the machinery.
  5. Test result comparison for patients.
  6. You have Email/SMS facility.
  7. Image capture and video attachment.
  8. Purchase.
  9. Bill Issue.
  10. Create Expiry report.
  11. Report for products.
  12. Listing of tests.

Service That We Provide You

  1. We will create your software requirement specifications (Uniquely).
  2. Drawing wireframes whenever you confirm us for your software development.
  3. We will easily design develop all your main pages and UI concept.
  4. Create the front end of the software by using approved user interface design.
  5. We begin full project development based on the prototype we have developed.
  6. Whenever we complete all these procedures, we will test your software for that it’s working perfectly or not.
  7. After that, we will release your software and further if you can any kind of problem with our development you can easily contact us for solving your problems.

Installation Fee: 50,000 /- TK

Service Charge – 4,000/-  TK / Month